Seth Peacock, MD

Dr. Holland is one of the most talented and gifted healthcare practitioners I have ever encountered.  She is not simply a chiropractor who cracks and pops her patients and asks them to come back for more next week.  She is also a physical therapist and more, whose goal is to get her patients back on their feet and teach them how to stay healthy. As a result of her treatment and guidance, I feel better than I have physically in 20yrs.  In July of 2015, I was about to give up on my passion of archery secondary to chronic pain.  Dr. Holland helped me turn things around and I was able to compete in the Olympic Trials last fall.  Thank you Dr. Holland for helping me and my family and for serving the community!”

Jim B.

“After receiving chiropractic services from Dr.Hollond over multiple appointments I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about her profession. In addition she adds a very important ingredient to her health care services with her sincere personal interest in each patients improved health. Her combined overall excellent approach to health care makes you a knowledgeable patient, totally comfortable with her manipulations all of which creates in your mind a positive outlook for your physical and mental recovery.”

Heather H.

“Professional, extremely knowledgeable, and warm. Perfect for people nervous to see a chiropractor.”