Functional Medicine

If you are a new patient seeking nutrition, functional medicine care…

Begin by compiling all previous records, which may include but are not limited to, blood/saliva/stool/any lab work, advanced imaging (x-ray, MRI, CT, etc.), orthopedic reports, etc.

Once you have compiled all previous records, please fill out/complete ALL, IN ITS ENTIRETY, new patient intake forms. The intake forms are very focused, lengthy, detailed and redundant at times but this is a vital part of the individualized journey. Please take this seriously, your health is our number one priority; help us help you! You have chosen the journey to optimize your health and this journey begins with an honest and detailed history: Your story. We truly want to know your story and how we can best help you thrive. Your story begins with intake forms.

Download Here or click the button below.

Once your previous records have been compiled and all functional medicine intake forms are completed, please call or email the office to request an initial consult. When a date has been scheduled, send your previous records and intake forms via fax, email if comfortable to do so, or hard copy dropped in locked mailbox at our office’s front door. Once received the doctor will begin reviewing your information. 

The initial consult is 40-60 minutes, cost ranges from $120-$180 depending on file complexity.  During the initial consult the doctor will discuss your concerns, history, any need for further diagnostic testing and any recommendations in creating a plan to keep you on your journey to optimal healing and vitality. 

If you have any specific questions, please call or email us directly.